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I'm trying to be a good citizen of Splunk Answers. The nature of my job I, I'm sure this is the same for most of us, get pulled in different directions. I post a Splunk question one day, and I'm asked at work to shift gears. I return to the question(s) a few days or a few months later. Sometimes, I've answered my own question. While at other times, research on a different Splunk topic answered my question.

I hope I am not rambling. 🙂

I want to close out questions that I still have opened (if that is possible). I want to redirect open questions to other open questions consolidating them around the same topic. For instance, I have questions on Linux audit logs, and tiles on dashboard.

I don't want to delete unanswered questions. And, though I don't have a lot of karma, I want to reward those who took the time to answer and help out, even if their comment wasn't the correct answer, it made me think and dig deeper.

Thanks in advance and God bless,

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Re: General Question About Answers


If you solve your own problem then please answer your own question explaining how you did it. Give credit to others as you see fit. Then Accept your answer so future readers know the question has a solution.

If someone else contributed significantly to your solution, feel free to comment on their answer with the final solution and accept their answer. That will give them karma points without taking away any of your karma.

If this reply helps you, an upvote would be appreciated.
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