Find latest event(multiple sources) and use chart at the end in one query

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index="test" | eval SCHEDULED_DELETIONS=case(
source="app2.csv" AND APP_UNUMBER="U-500","ACCOUNT_ID",
source="app4.csv" AND STATUS="N","CUSTOMER_ID",)
| eval APPLICATION=case(source="app1.csv","APP1",source="app2","APP2",source="app2.csv" AND APP_UNUMBER="U-500","APP3",source="app4","APP4")
| chart count over APPLICATION by SCHEDULED_DELETIONS usenull=f

In each source the *_ID are duplicates because there are multiple events as some other field value changes. I want to find out latest event for each ID and remove duplicated from count.
I want to use latest(x) function. But could not form the query as stats latest(x) will loose all other fields. I tried using values() as "something" by "field name" but did not worked when tries for multiple sources in one query.
As there are multiple sources I would like to use latest(x) multiple times.

Please assist. Thanks in advance.

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Try adding | dedup APPLICATION SCHEDULED_DELETIONS before the chart command.

Also, "CUSTOMER_ID", "SUBSCRIPTION_ID" etc, are they field names of some static string values?

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What are the fields you get before the |eval APPLICATION section ? SCHEDULED_DELETIONS,source,ACTION any other fields to consider?

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try with |sort _time |head 1

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