Extracting multiline events into single line kv pairs.

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So I have a script that we use to monitor our time drift on servers. The events look like this when ran:

server, stratum 4, offset 0.031839, delay 0.04155
server, stratum 5, offset -0.000584, delay 0.04158

How should I configure my props.conf and transforms.conf so I have nice clean field extraction?

So essentially each event is this but you may get 2-3 events per run of the script:

key value, key value, key value, key value

Update: I decided I was okay with search time extraction based on reading the props.conf documentation recommending this and so I have the following search:

basesearch | rex field=_raw "server (?<server>.*), stratum (?<stratum>.*), offset (?<offset>.*), delay (?<delay>.*)"

Which is fine if I only have one event but for multiline events it ignores all events after the first. How should I change this regex?

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Re: Extracting multiline events into single line kv pairs.



this regex should match those kind of events pretty well:
\s?([^\s,]+)\s([^\s,]+)(?:,|$) link

You could then create a stanza in props.conf for your sourcetype/host/source to match, and have it include:
REPORT-ntpevents = ntpevents

Then have transforms.conf like

REGEX = \s?([^\s,]+)\s([^\s,]+)(?:,|$)
MV_ADD = true
FORMAT = $1::$2

Hope that helps!

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