Explain Data Models (Like I'm Four)


I already read this Explain Data Models (Like I'm Five)

But still not understand what mean Data Models and I need to understand this topic in a short time.
The official documentation from Splunk about this topic is difficult for me understand, most likely
I have low technical knowledge.
Even when I translated half of information about Data Models in Splunk documentation into my native language I still can't understand and visualize all the processes in my head.

Can someone by simple English explain me about Data Models?

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Re: Explain Data Models (Like I'm Four)


Hello @test_qweqwe

It's like a whole set of logs automatically arranged with their rightful fields.

I'll give an example:

Splunk field:

Field values of chocolate:
- dark
- milk

drilldown on field values:
- 40%
- 50%
- 80%

- goat's milk
- soy milk
- cow's milk

As per Splunk docs,

Data models are composed of datasets, which can be arranged in hierarchical structures of parent and child datasets. Each child dataset represents a subset of the dataset covered by its parent dataset.

Hope it helps!


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