Error on starting Splunk on UBUNTU


On starting Splunk on UBUNTU, I am getting this error:

./splunk: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Can anyone help? I used command ' sudo ./splunk start' to start it.

Already installed Splunk on another Ubuntu machine and it is working fine there.

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I downloaded splunk-5.0.1-143156-Linux-x86_64.tgz and it is working fine on Linux os version -

Linux ip-10-212-65-213 3.2.0-31-virtual #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 7 16:36:36 UTC 2012 x8664 x8664 x86_64 GNU/Linux

But same package is not working (Giving above error) on Linux Os version :

Linux domU-12-31-39-06-24-A8 3.0.0-13-virtual #22-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 2 17:10:19 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Please suggest splunk package which is compatible with i686 Linux version.

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You're trying to use a 64-bit package on a 32-bit system. Use the 32-bit package instead.

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On both systems run :

uname -a

Its possible one server is 32 bit and the other is 64 bit, and you've installed the wrong package on one of them ( The output on a 32bit system will not contain the text x86_64 )

(thats assuming its never started though)

You can also run :

ldd /opt/splunk/bin/splunk

on both systems to look for differences