Does Splunk provides the wsdl

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Does Splunk provides the wsdl

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No WSDL , but as mentioned and linked to in previous replys , there are extensive REST endpoint docs.

Furthermore , our 6 language SDK's (java,javascript,python,ruby,c#,php) abstract the developer from having to really know the underlying semantics of the REST endpoints.

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I am not sure about the WDSL but an endpoint reference can be found here :

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Splunk Employee

No, there is no need to. You may be thinking of SOAP web services. Splunk uses REST.

You will find programming using REST is easier (subjective I know) because the API is less complex compared to the SOAP counterpart.

To help you better see the difference, I Googled "learning restful web services" and this like seemed helpful

The Splunk doco takes it to the next contextual step here:

Happy Splunk coding!!

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