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hi ,
I deployed a search app from deployer on 3 member cluster search head. Deployer successful pushed the bundle but its not pushing local directory.

The app got visible on search head but ( its missing search and reporting ) . Its showing only Defaultviews instead of standard ( alert, search , dashboard tabs) .

I checked permission on the deployed app and its set as execute/read/write.

alt text

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By default deployer merges both local and default directories then pushes apps to search heads. Check your changes in default directories on search heads.

It might be something to do with default.xml in your app. Check if following content is there in the default.xml in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/yourapp/default/data/ui/nav/. If not add it in the app on deployer server, deploy apps again and check.

<nav search_view="search" color="#5CC05C">
  <view name="search" default="true" />
  <view name="reports" />
  <view name="alerts" />
  <view name="dashboards" />
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