Deduping max-match on a rex.


I've got some data I'm matching with a rex akin to:

| rex max_match=5 field=_raw "(?<myvalue>\d{4})"

However, if my data looks like this:

name=Bill 1234 rhubarb 1234 5678 colour=green
name=Dana 8273 apple 4428 8312 colour=purple

Then the match is finding 1234 twice and 5678 once for bill, and all three values for Dana.

What I'm after is a table of output that has something like:

name          myvalue
Bill          1234 5678
Dana          8273 4428 8312

Right now I'm getting Bill's entry having 1234 listed twice...

name          myvalue
Bill          1234 1234 5678
Dana          8273 4428 8312

I've found ways of doing this for a single combination of fields by using:

| chart values(myvalue) over name

But that doesn't work if I want to add a third field, such as colour:

name          myvalue          colour
Bill          1234 5678        green
Dana          8273 4428 8312   purple


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I believe this is what you are looking for.

| stats values(myvalue) as MyValues, values(colour) as Colours by name

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You could also use ...

| eval myvalue=mvdedup(myvalue) 

...which will sort the multivalue field into order and dedup the results.

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