Dashboard with multiple panels with single user input



I have a dashboard of 2+ panels with one user input. Each panel has its own query that needs to be mapped to a distinguished value. For example:

Dropdown Input selected: value1
Panel1 query: index=”application1”
Panel2 query:index=”application2”
Panel3 query:index=”application3”

Dropdown Input selected: value2
Panel1 query: index=”server1”
Panel2 query:index=”server 2”
Panel3 query:index=”server 3”

Summary: Need a mapping of a 1 to many tokens i.e. one user input derives multiple values.
Input: value1 tokens:application1, application2,application3
Input: value2 tokens:server1, server2, server3

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Hello Chetan

Were you able to solve abpove posted problem of yours?

Thanks in Advance!

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this may help you :
new to splunk

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