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Hi Everyone, I trying to created a Dashboard that will only shows Allowed traffic from a specific sourtcetype (ie. squid), with the MIME Type anything related to java ONLY and the x_wbrs_score < -3.5 and > -5.9

Then with that information, put together a graphic that shows HTTP user agent vs Time which refreshes every hour for the previous hours traffic. Line based chart/or plotted is preferred.

Thanks in advanced.

So far what I got is this.... but I'm not sure that is want I need.

index="outside" sourcetype="squid" | eval cs_mime_type=lower(cs_mime_type)| search cs_mime_type=java OR cs_mime_type=json x_wbrs_score<-3.5 x_wbrs_score>-5.9 earliest = -1h | eval _time = strptime(time, "%Y-%m-%d") | search * earliest=-1h

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You can optimize your search in some ways:

index="outside" sourcetype="squid" x_wbrs_score<-3.5 x_wbrs_score>-5.9 earliest = -1h@h latest=@h | eval cs_mime_type=lower(cs_mime_type)| search cs_mime_type=java OR cs_mime_type=json  | timechart count by cs_user_agent
earliest=-1h@h latest=@h

This makes sure you only get exactly one hour of data

timechart count by cs_user_agent

Shows the count of requests by User agent

I've also moved the x_wbrs_score filter to the beginning of your search, I'm not really sure if this will work. But in general it's better to filter out the not needed data. That your search should be a bit faster.

The visualization is something you'll have to configure in the dashboard. Also the refreshing is something that should be done in the dashboard.
I've also assumed that the field that has the user agent is cs_user_agent.
You'll have to modify it if needed.

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