DBConnect v2 Hung Parsing Job

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DBConnect v2 is hanging when parsing the job during configuration. I am adding a new DB Input, which uses a SQL connection to a SQL Server. The identity is a local SQL account with read permissions in the database. I can log into SQL as the DBConnect identity user and I can run a query against the table, so the SQL permissions are correct.

I have tried the following Database Types:
MSSQL Server using jTDS Driver;
SQL Server using jTDS Driver with Windows Authentication
MS-SQL Server Using Generic Driver
MS-SQL Server Using Generic Driver with Windows Authentication.

The connection passes the validation step.
Steps to reproduce issue

Click Operations>DB Inputs> Select Input (i.e. TestDBInput)> Make sure its enabled ("Valid Connection" displays)>Continue>Choose and Preview Table> "Parsing job..." indicator spins> Make sure I have specified the correct catalog, schema, table>Set Max Rows to 100.

Clicked Simple Query Mode drop down >(in the advanced query editor)>confirm the sql is correct.

I am running DBConnect v2 on a 6.3.3 Heavy Forwarder.

JRE Status
JRE Installation Path /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle
JVM Options: -Xmx1024m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
RPC Server Port 9998
RPS Server SSL Disbaled

Any ideas what would cause this?


Re: DBConnect v2 Hung Parsing Job

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I opened a ticket with Splunk Support. Randy Morlen grabbed the ticket and asked for a diag. After investigating, he found the following error:
HTTPError: HTTP 402 Payment Required -- In handler 'shclusterconfig': Requires license feature='DistSearch'

After a little back and forth, Randy provided a 1-byte license for my HF . DBX2 immediately parsed the SQL and connected. Data is now flowing from my SQL server to Splunk.

Thanks Randy. I appreciate your help

Note for Splunk Dev: Please add a check for the appropriate license during the DBX setup to avoid this issue in the future.

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