DB Connect - dbmon-dump and dbmon-tail do not produce results

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In DB Connect I used "Data Inputs in Splunk Manager" to create test_dump which it did without error and produced:


The query in the dump is:

select * from jobrun

The DB is valid and jobrun_id is a valid field in the table jobrun in the DB TitalMaster106s.

I ran this search:

dbmon-dump://TitalMaster106s/test_dump_2 | table jobrun_id

No errors are thrown but it produces no results:

No results found. Inspect ...

local/input.conf table looks like this:

output.format = kv
output.timestamp = 0
host = wsql116s
index = default
interval = auto
table = test_dump_2
query = select * from jobrun

It does the same thing for dbmon-tail...

$SPLUNK_HOME/var/spool does not have a dbmon directory

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Since your Index is default, I think that you have not provided any value in the index field while creating the database input. However, it should not create a problem while running the query, I suggest you should use source while running the query.
Try this:
source="dbmon-dump://TitalMaster106s/test_dump_2" | table jobrun_id
Whenever a database input is created it is stored as a source in splunk.

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Are you still working on this? I can probably help if you are.

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Think your search is wrong:
Please check this first:
index=* source="dbmon-dump://TitalMaster106s/test_dump_2"

Also change the setting from the Intervall to e.g. 5m
Have a look to the dbx log at ../var/log/splunk/dbx.log for any messages.

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