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We are using siteminder based sso for our splunk servers (linux). Apache is used as the proxy server. If a user who is not present in slunk or LDAP config he/she gets an error message as below.

"SSO error description
Could not authenticate user via SSO. Please confirm the user set in the http header via your SSO module has a matching splunk account with the same username.
For more help debugging SSO, consult the SSO debug page."

Is there anyway we can customize the error message? by adjusting anything in the apache config?

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That message sits in $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/templates/account/sso_error.html, with the appropriate translations for the message IDs in there sitting in Python-2.7/Lib/site-packages/splunk/appserver/mrsparkle/locale/. See for working with these localization files.

You should be able to make changes to those, just be aware that they probably won't be upgrade-safe.