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I need to understand that does SPLUNK supports creating our own scripts/java codes to read data from some security devices which have custom API to read data from.
Like, sourcefire estreamer user custom API, so can I built my own code in SPLUNK which reads data from sourcefire. If yes then how it is possible?
Do we have some links available?

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Perhaps the solution is even easier, have you looked at the Splunk for Sourcefire app?


Thanks @martin_mueller for valuable information.

@derekarnold, I have considered this as an option but what I am curious is about the reliability of these apps. If something goes wrong tomorrow so who can support this? Do we have separate license for these apps?

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Yes, custom inputs can be plain scripts or modular inputs.

You mentioned Java - the Java SDK has support for modular inputs as well.

You can package those inputs in your own app if you like, and even publish that on Splunk Apps (optional).