Create several links on dashboard and click on click of a submitbutton

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USers need to see couple of servers on the dashboard , select and submit to the appropriate dashboard
I have found the xml code , but this is for searches, how can we modify the searches with a link to a dashboard?

   <fieldset submitButton="true">
     <input type="radio" token="choice">
       <choice value="| stats count | eval search = &quot;search 1&quot;">Search 1</choice>
       <choice value="| stats count | eval search = &quot;search 2&quot;">Search 2</choice>
       <choice value="| stats count | eval search = &quot;search 3&quot;">Search 3</choice>
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Try this instead:

      <title>Top Games</title>
      <input type="link" token="notUsed" searchWhenChanged="true">
         <choice value="search1">Search 1</choice>
         <choice value="search2">Search 2</choice>
         <choice value="search3">Search 3</choice>
            <condition value="search1">
               <set token="search">Search 1 goes here</set>
            <condition value="search2">
               <set token="search">Search 1 goes here</set>
            <condition value="search3">
               <set token="search">Search 1 goes here</set>
         <option name="charting.chart">bar</option>
         <option name="charting.legend.placement">none</option>
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