Could not load lookup=LOOKUP-autoloookup_prices in search tutorial 7.2.1

I am working on the Fundamentals 1 tutorial and when I run the queue for prices.csv autolookup and run the sourcetype=access_* search command, I get the following error "Could not load lookup=LOOKUP-autoloookup_prices" . I have checked to make sure that I have entered all the values right in the lookups. What could the problem be? This is in Splunk® Enterprise Search Tutorial 7.2.1 on page 72.

Same issue. In the "Add new" dialogue box for "Automatic lookups", in the "Lookup input fields" field, I entered the column name wrong. I should have entered the column called "productId" with a capital "I". I entered it like this, "productid", which a lower case "i", and that is what gave me the error.


Watch out for spaces at the end during copy paste,Watch out for spaces,I had an extra space in the end in the lookup definition which caused an issue. Watch out for copy paste issues like this one.


I had the same issue, I was selecting the wrong lookup table by mistake when defining the automatic lookup, and after correcting it the error disappeared and I was able to use the fields coming from that automatic lookup
did you check your lookup table ?


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