Correlate cs_uri and referer

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Is there a way to correlate two or more events which share the same cs_uri and referer and occurring within a specified window of time?

For example,

event 1: referer = A cs_uri = B
event 2: referer = B cs_uri = C
event 3: referer = C cs_uri = D

resulting in...

meta-event 1: referer = A

cs_uri/referer = B

cs_uri/referer = C

cs_uri = D

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I would first create a field alias in props.conf

FIELDALIAS-referer = cs_uri AS referer

Then in your search:

sourcetype=your_sourcetype | transaction referer maxspan=1m | do_stuff

So this is assigning the value of cs_uri to referer and doing a transaction to get the events with same referer.

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