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I have found a couple of posts that indicate there is a way to have a measure of control the width of views in a panel. My understanding is that I create a style sheet containing the following:

.panelrow1col .layoutCell {
width:25% !important;
.panelrow1col .firstCell {
width:75% !important;

Named custom_width.css and store it in /appserver/static. In this example, I understand that column 1 will have 25% of the width and column 2 will have 75%. I then have to reference the style sheet in the view. Here is the xml I am testing:


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index = internal
<module name="SimpleResultsTable" layoutPanel="panel


<!-- End HiddenSearch-->
<!-- End TimeRangePicker-->

I have restarted splunk before testing this, but it is not working as expected. Does anyone know if this will actually work of if I have missed something?


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I know this an old post, but since there is no reply I would like to contribute my 2 cents. Hope this is helpful for someone.

I had a similar requirement for adjusting the panel width, but for a specific view. When I tried the above solution as suggested by few posts, including this one:, it did not give the results I was looking for.

A small adjustment to the above solution worked for me:
1) Did not add any reference to a stylesheet in my XML (Defaulted to application.css)
2) Clicked on "view source" for my Dashboard and noted the view name within the class. ".splView-ViewName"
3) Added the following lines to my application.css:

.splView-ViewName .panelrow1col .layoutCell {
width:25% !important;
.splView-ViewName .panelrow1col .firstCell {
width:75% !important;

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