Controlling multiple charts using one PulldownSwitcher


My requirement is to provide a drop down box in my dashboard. Based on the value selected in the drop down, I need to display a selected list of charts (multiple charts). I tried to use Pulldown Switcher but it is controlling only one chart which we mention in the layoutpanel option of the module tag. Is there any way I can control multiple charts using a single Pulldown Switcher?

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Re: Controlling multiple charts using one PulldownSwitcher


Group the multiple charts under a single common module. If there is no legitimate reason for the multiple charts to have a single common parent besides the LinkSwitcher itself, then you can use a NullModule to be the common parent.

then under the LinkSwitcher the NullModule can be the "active" module, and that will mean that all the charting XML underneat that NullModule will also become active and visible.

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