Configuring the MongoDB app without Virtual Indexes in Settings



In parallel to understanding persistence for MongoDB indexes I tried to install the MongoDB app on my splunk 6.2 (enterprise).
The version 104 seems to have a problem (comes as a .zip and does not to install as it, or as a .tar.gz or .tgz (which it really is) -- I opened a ticket on that), so I tried version 103 which installed fine.

I do not have the "Virtual Indexes" entry in "Settings", though.

So I tried to directly edit /opt/splunk/etc/apps/MongoDBApp/default/indexes.conf, according to the doc:

(no changes above that line)        = mongodb.mydomain:27017

vix.provider           = local-mongodb
vix.mongodb.db         = ssh
vix.mongodb.collection = ssh
vix.mongodb.field.time = _id
vix.mongodb.field.time.format = ObjectId

There is no authentication, the database is ssh and the collection within that database is also called ssh.
After restarting splunk I do not get any data when doing a search on index=mongodb_vix.

Is there a way to debug the connection? The setup is quite straightforward so I would really appreciate some hints on where to look for issues.

Thank you!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You need to install the Hunk Application instead of Splunk to have the Virtual Indexes:

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