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Hi Splunkers,

I have a Splunk Indexer installed on a CentOS box (English language). When I use a workstation that has a different language setting, for example Chinese, the contents of Splunk Web is still showing in English characters.

My question is is there a way for the Splunk Web to display the native language used by the workstation accessing it? For example Splunk Web in Chinese characters.

Thanks in advance.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can try this way to force the Splunk Web to display Chinese:
http://:8000/zh-CN for Simplified Chinese or "zh-TW" for Traditional Chinese


Splunk web interface language depends on browser's user agent that clieant access with. What is your browswer user agent? I know Japanese browser support Japanese interface. However, except English language is translated after new splunk version is released. I know Chinese version of splunk 4.1 existed before. I am not sure about 4.2. Please try to access splunk web with Chinese browser. Hope this help.

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