Change title of dashboard pages


Can anyone please let me know, how to change the title of our custom pages in dashboard.

Actually what I observed when i change the title in individual html pages, the same title reflects both in page title as well as listed name of dashboard.

Thanks in Advance.

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My Page is html page.

I am asking how to modify the page title in title bar without modifing existing dashboard name.

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@arcotdeepika, have you converted your Dashboard to HTML?
My suggestion would still work for you, Since title name is dependent on dashboard name, use HTML panel or section to create your own Title.

Then in your HTML dashboard code hide Splunk's Dashboard title from the following code:


    new Dashboard({
        id: 'dashboard',
        el: $('.dashboard-body'),
        showTitle: false,
        editable: false
    }, {tokens: true}).render();
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@arcotdeepika if you want to come up with your own title, without impacting Dashboard Name, you can create HTML Panel for Title and hide Splunk Title using hideTitle=true (PS: This will also hide Edit Button post 6.4)

PS: overriding Splunk's default padding style for Dashboard is optional you may remove .dashboard-header style if you do not need it.

You can re-use this as Prebuilt-Panel to provide custom Header Section in all Dashboards in your Splunk App.

In the following example I have created HTML Panel with div for title with class as myTitle which I have styled using CSS.

<dashboard hideTitle="true">
<label>Your Original Splunk Title<label>
<description>Splunk Dashboard's name depends on label tag which is shown as Title</description>
            .dashboard-header {
                margin-bottom: 0px;
                padding-top: 0px;
                min-height: 0px;
         <div class="myTitle">My Custom Title</div>
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