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I read the previous answer for changing the logo graphic "logo-mrsparkle.png". Can someone please provide step by step instructions?

If you wish to change the Splunk Logo on the main auth page, simple replace this graphic;


Be sure to restart Splunk to see changes.

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If you are talking about creating a custom login page do the following.

  1. create a file named logo-mrsparkle.png that is 800x400 pixels
  2. Place your logo in the leftmost 400 pixels of the image
  3. If you have a message, such as "My Company Stats Login" put it in the top 50 pixels in the rightmost half of the graphic.
  4. Rename $SPLUNKHOME/share/splunk/searchmrsparkle/exposed/img/skins/default/logo-mrsparkle.png to something else
  5. Put your graphic in its place and restart Splunk.
  6. Your logo will appear in the login screen. That's what we did.

If it is an app logo, just be sure to edit the .css to set the height and width to be equal or greater than the width of the logo. Otherwise it will get cut off.


If you want to change the logo for your app (located at the top left corner of your page), do the following:

  1. add your logo (e.g. mylogo.png) to $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/your-app/appserver/static
  2. create a file named application.css in $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/your-app/appserver/static
  3. In the application.css file, add the following code:

.appLogo {
background: url("mylogo.png") no-repeat;

Save this file and restart splunk and the logo should now be changed.

Alternatively, if you want to change the actual logo-mrsparkle.png file, then you can navigate to the $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/exposed/img/skins/default directory and overwrite the logo-mrsparkle.png file with another file of the exact same name. However, from a best practices perspective, I would recommend to not make changes to files located in any Splunk directory named Default