Cant connect with Splunk Enterprise.

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I cant connect my forwarder splunk and my enterprise splunk. I verified, by netstat, the connections and both tools are connected. However, in the Enterprise Splunk i cant see my forwarder splunk. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

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I had connectivity issues on Centos because of the firewall. Which OS you are on?
Do you see logs coming in _internal index?

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When you say Splunk Enterprise can't see the forwarder, this could mean a few things.

If your using the deployment server, are you referring to Splunk not being able to see the forwarder? If so, then you need to add deploymentclient.conf so Splunk Enterprise can see it.

If your not using the deployment server, you need to add an inputs.conf and outputs.conf to your forwarder, restart the service, and data will start flowing into Splunk.

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Have you configured your forwarder with some inputs?
box-fresh a linux forwarder will not send anything, but a windows UF will prompt you to add some inputs during install.

You will however, get internal logs - have you looked for index=_internal if its working, you should see logs for both the indexer and UF

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