Cannot access the Support Portal page.

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When I attempt to login to the Support Portal page the following URL is put into the address bar: 404?ErrorCode=5&ErrorDescription=Unable+to+create+user&ErrorDetails=PORTAL_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOR_CONTACT+Api+Exception%3A+portal+user+already+exists+for+contact
I receive a 404 Page cannot be found error. I have tried the following:

  • Tried the other suggestions that were listed to others receiving the same error
  • Logged off and on again
  • Logged off and tried going to the Support Portal and logged back in
  • Cleared all cache and temporary files from my browser
  • Used a different browser
  • Used a different system
  • Reset my password

I still cannot access the Support portal page.

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I had same problem and couldn't login Partner Portal which says "Invalid Credentials" on Splunk Partner Login page but then I switched to "Trying to access the Splunk Partner Portal?" from Splunk's home login page. It worked for me and might help you too.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

These issues are generally caused by having multiple accounts with the same email or username set up in the system. Please reach out to splunk support to resolve these issues.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Good afternoon! I checked with our customer care team and they have not had any reports of issues and subsequent test logins are working. One thing that it could be is if your Org is a Splunk Partner, you will want to login to the Partner Portal instead:

Otherwise I would recommend calling us so we can try to correct any possible issues. That number is: 1 (855) 775-8657 . Thanks!

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