Can you update the certification numbers in this quote?


I found this in a thread here about certification:
To date we are quickly approaching our 7000th certification in the Splunk community. That includes 1700 Splunk Certified Knowledge Managers, almost 900 Splunk Certified Admins and over 1200 Splunk Certified Architects.

That was from a couple years ago.
I'm trying to get good info to pass on to my boss as to why he should want me to be a certified architect.

So ... I was wondering if there is a total number of licenses and how that compares to the number of certified power users, admins, and architects.


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Regardless of the number of certifications, being a certified architect is still valuable. It shows you have practical Splunk skills which should appeal to your current and future employers. If your company does consulting or contracting work then having more certified employees might appeal to your customers.

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