Can you help me fix my search which detects and alerts on campaign spikes from partners?



The following is my query to list the API ingress flow of traffic from each of the partners. I would like to add an alert when there is a steep increase in traffic due to campaigns by looking at the last 1 week of average traffic by partner and alerting when the volume of call increases 2x the average to identify the partner.

index="access" "http_host=*" |rename a as ApplicationId | lookup AppIdLookup ApplicationId OUTPUT PartnerName  | timechart usenull=f  span=1h count by PartnerName where top100 desc

I tried with the anomalydetection action=summary but it's not working. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Have you tried looking at the predict command? This is an ideal way to detect what you are looking for, but in a resource efficient and Splunk-friendly manner.

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Check out this amazing answer and links; you will get what you need here (be sure to UpVote😞

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