Can the disk size be different on the servers in the same Indexer cluster?

hi All,

We have indexer cluster with 6 servers and out of these 4 servers has more than 90% space utilization. Due to storage limit we ahve been given 4 TB of space as addition. Will there be any impact if we add these 4 TB to onlt the 4 servers whihc has high space utilization but not the other two servers.

If the Indexer cluster like below with disk size soecifications will there be any issues?

Server1 - 2 TB
Server2 - 2 TB
Server3 - 2 TB
Server4 - 2 TB

Server5 - 1 TB
Server6 - 1 TB


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We have the same situation (coun't get all the in Storage we wanted), and it does work.

Only different with us, is we added new indexers with less storage. In our situation > Don't Rebalance the data. It will fill the new machines instantly

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