Can Splunk read custom logs

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I have an application which is having a custom log framework and the log generation is not inline with any other kind of logging.

would SPLUNK be able to read those logs and make data usable out of it ? if Yes how it can be done and where the efforts are required ? on client side or server side.

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Hi navinmistry,

Yes it can - Splunk can read anything as long as it is human readable text.
See the docs for more detailed information on what Splunk can monitor

hope this helps to get you started ...

cheers, MuS

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Hi MuS,

thanks for the precise info, so SPLUNK can read any text data/logs and I'd need to tell/configure Splunk indexes to do what I'm doing manually ( to find out what happened in logs / search specific patterns )

if so is the case, then i believe the reader will eventually finetune by providing more accurate patterns and the logs will be usable.

please correct me if my understanding is wrong or if there are more possibilites than what I'm thinking of.


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