Can Splunk displaying the map from accumulo hadoop database?


First, I am sorry about my English skill.
I am not good at English

I hope displaying the map from Accumulo Hadoop database to Splunk web.
My Hadoop server have spatial information.
I installed "Hadoop Connet" and "Hunk App for Hbase"
When I open the my Hadoop server, I can see tables named of !0 and +r and l and 5u and 5v and 5w and 5x and 62 and ab and etc..
There are Accumulo spatial data.
Can I displaying the map from accumulo hadoop database to splunk web ?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

At some point there was an App on Splunkbase to connect to Accumulo. However, that App is no longer available. Therefore, your best option is to build a new one based on the Sample Hunk ERP app:

The Mongodb, Hbase, Cassandra apps are all built based on that sample app

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