Can Splunk Web Console through IPv6


Do anyone know how to enable Splunk Web to be access via IPv6 address schema? Can dual-stack (IPv4 and IPV6) access able to be configure under web.conf? How can I do that (can some example configuration statement can be provided)?

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(editing my previous response)

It looks like this is part of the web.conf in full now:

# Set to "yes" to enable IPv6 support, or "only" accept connection
# on IPv6 only
listenOnIPv6 = yes

Putting this here since this thread is the top result for the search. 😕


It does now. You can enable v6 by adding ListenOnIPv6 = On to the [settings] section of your web.conf file.

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My understanding is that Splunk does not support IPv6 as of this time.

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