Best way to monitor for file transfer across multiple servers without indexing file contents

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Hi Splunk community

I need to monitor file transfers from servers to servers in different directories. I do not need to know the file content, only the time the file appear in each server as well as the file size. Eventually, we want to show if the number of files from source directory and destination directory tallies and is there a bottle neck in the file transfer process. Also, file transfers occur at anytime during the day, not at regular intervals. Appreciate your advice on my use case. Many thanks in advance.

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It is described by looking at the manual.

Monitor changes to your file system
This feature has been deprecated.

This feature has been deprecated as of Splunk Enterprise version 5.0. This means that although it continues to function in version 6.x of Splunk software, it might be removed in a future version. As an alternative, you can:
Learn how to monitor file system changes on Windows systems.
Use the auditd daemon on *nix systems and monitor output from the daemon.

※I am still using "fschange".

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Hi HiroshiSatoh

Does it mean that for multiple servers, i can run, say inotify to watch a directory, write the events to a log or logs and install a UF on each of these server to monitor these log/logs by forwarding to my indexer?

Is this the best approach?

Thanks in advance.

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How can I make the Indexer aware of inotify output when it is at a remote server? Thanks in advance for the help.

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