Analyzing Facebook data with Splunk - Privacy issue

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I want to understand that while using SPLUNK for Facebook data, how shall I be able to analyze the statistics, if the user I am scanning keeps his posts “private” or “only for Friends”.

In the same way, I am interested in user’s Employment history; is it possible to extract that ? Will it be possible, if the visibility level is only to “Friends” ? Please reply at earliest .

As per my understanding, even by GRAPH search you can extract only that much data, which is public. Please clarify how SPLUNK would be able to handle above 2 scenarios ?

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I am not sure of the fields or the data format, but you could do some of that. Create search where fields dont contain posts or friends data.

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Splunk can only analyze the data it's given. Both scenarios are possible IF you have the Facebook access. If you don't have the Facebook access, you can't analyze the data, no matter what software you use. If you aren't a Friend, you can't see Friend-shared items. This is not a limitation of Splunk, that is basic Facebook permissions.