AmMaps never populate

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When running the test script for AmMaps within my Free Enterprise Evaluation of Splunk (latest ver), no public information appears within the AmMap. Here is the test script:

  • | rex "(?\d+.\d+.\d+.\d+)"| search ip!=192.168* ip!=0.0.* ip!=10.*| stats count by ip | head 100 | eval countlabel="Event" | eval iterator="ip" | eval iteratorlabel="IP" | eval moviecolor="#FF0000" | eval outputfile="homethreatdata.xml" | eval app="amMap" | lookup geoip clientip as ip | mapit

Prior to running this scan I imported several static web logs from our web servers which do contain public ip's.

What other search scripts would be good to test AmMaps with?

Why is it that everytime I run a search within the AmMaps windows (map visible below the search bar), I am immediately taken back to the original search page (no map visible)?

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

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MAXMIND was installed prior and Splunk has been rebooted twice.

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