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Hi all,

I'm looking for feedback on reentering the technology field by learning Splunk and getting certified. I have already completed Splunk Fundamentals, Part 1 and enjoyed the platform so far.

I have two main questions and have written further background information below
1. Is having Splunk certifications enough to gain an entry level job in splunk administration. Bearing in mind I have no other in depth technical skills. e.g. scripting, linux etc. If not then what other skills would be necessary as well.
2. What is the best way to get real world experience using Splunk if its not possible in your current role.

I have a IT degree from over ten years ago and have the spent the last 15 years on the business side of IT. So I have an understanding of how technology, especially cyber security works at a high level - but can't program or use linux or networking.

I spent a few years, at the beginning of my career as an AD engineer and also used SPSS for data analysis and enjoyed it and am motivated to train to get back on the technical side.

Which certificates should I aim for first to gain employment? I have a British passport and am willing to travel anywhere in the world for the right job.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and I hope I don't get ripped apart for what might seem like a crazy idea.

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Splunk deals with real time data. Due to the increasing data on a daily basis, all new technologies and devices are designed to be designed and used efficiently to support the business.

There may be some tips, such as good study, installation, but they usually do not work immediately. You can only leave here with a practical exam. I came across the website Mindmajix, which is best suited for practice tests, try it there. You can find practical exams there.

you can also find here:

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IMO, it's not enough to have a certificate. Certification may get your CV reviewed and may even get you an interview, but without real experience you're unlikely to get the job or succeed at it.

You can get some practical experience by working with Splunk at home. It's free to download and run on your laptop or on a few trial AWS instances. Download a publicly-available data set and create a dashboard with it. Think back to some of the problems you had to solve with AD or SPSS and figure out how to solve them with Splunk.

Perhaps there is someone else in your company you can work with to get some experience with Splunk.

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