Adding a icon (image) in the navigation menu


HI Everyone, Can we add any image in the navigation menu , instead of a text. If we click on that image it should take to that particular page.

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@nadlurinadluri, you can
1) use <html><panel> with a menu created the way you want using html and static image files.
2) You can save the same as a pre-built panel.
3) Hide Splunk's App bar
4) Use prebuilt panel for applying your menu in each dashboard.

Following is one of my older answer on similar lines:

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Hi @ nadlurinadluri

you can create a static folder in apps folder of the app and put the images there.

check your $splunkhome$/etc/apps/search/static/ folder to have an idea of what file images need to placed.


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Can we use them in navigation menu?

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