Adding New Windows Machine as data source

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I am not able to add new windows machine for collecting logs. My splunk server is running on domain even if I am giving correct domain admin username and password while installation.

I am getting following error :-
1) While Installation

"Splunk installer was unable to start splunk services.
 Please make sure you have provided the correct usernameand/or password, and the user you are trying to run splunk as has the correct privileges.Exitcode='4'"

2) After installation, while adding remote windows machine for collecting WMI logs :-

"Failed to fetch data: In handler 'win-wmi-enum-eventlogs"

Please help me on this.

Atul Chaurasia

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello Atul,

When installing, are you using Local System, or a domain user account for Splunk to run as? If you're using a domain account, please reference this page: since there are additional steps to granting the domain user access to systems and resources. If installing using Local System, this account has total access to everything on the machine, but nothing else.