ANSWERS forum: How to pin the Q&As in this forum, so I can refer them back..

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I found this community and the answers found here, very helpful. I wanted to mark / pin certain Questions in this forum as my favorite, private to me, under my profile. I see that there is a "favorite" url ; but not sure how to make / add a question as favorite. I did not want to use another 3rd party (fb, Linkd+etc.).

Is there a way how to do this, on this Splunk site.? Initially, I had thought, if I comment on (or vote) on a specific question, it would show up in my - list of commented page.. but, I was wrong there.

Any idea.. Webmaster ?


hi! yes, this is a fantastic idea and we are hoping to eventually provide this sort of functionality as part of your user profile so you can keep a collection of your favorite topics and pages across all of the Splunk resources (docs, Answers, dev, etc).

until we can make this happen (we're starting up a test project internally next month, it's going to be a while yet), you can use the 'subscribe' link to the right. this will send you an email every time someone answers a question you're following. also, to add a question/answer posting to your 'favorites' list, you click on the star underneath the upvote/downvote arrows.

it's not as good as what you're asking for, but it might be helpful in the meantime.

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In each question, on the left hand side, below the down vote symbol (down arrow), there will be a yellow start sign. Click on that to show that answer under your favorite URL.

Also, the answers which you voted or commented on, it will be under recent activity and votes section.

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I found the gold-star in the Question. So, this feature is there already.

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Thanks. I don't see that small yellow star icon below Down vote arrow. But, I do find the recent activity in my profile, which works for me. So , +1 on the vote.

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