500 -Splunk Daemon is not responding:


I am getting this error when I load some of my dashboards:

500 -Splunk Daemon is not responding:([Errno 73] Connection reset by peer

It seems to do it when my dashboards have searches that go back 3 or more days. I was wondering if anyone could help me in figuring out why this error keeps occuring.

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Sounds like your system is being overloaded when the dashboard is loaded. If the install is on linux you can look to see how many searches are running, ps -ax | grep splunkd, also the top command will show you any load that is going on.

Another search I would also check your metrics.log for any blocked queues. Search for "blocked=true"

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I am also seeing error "500 Splunkd daemon is not responding (The read operation timed out)" when search is running and times out? running Splunk version 4.3

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