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Splunk Answers is being replatformed! will be read-only from 5:00pm PDT June 4th - 9:00am PDT June 9th

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Why is Splunk Answers going to be read-only from Thursday, June 4th, 2020 @ 5:00pm PDT until Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 @ 9:00am PDT?

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Re: Splunk Answers is being replatformed! will be read-only from 5:00pm PDT June 4th - 9:00am PDT June 9th

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Community Manager

What is happening?
We’ve completely re-imagined the Splunk Community experience, and we’re launching a brand new enterprise community platform, powered by Khoros! This will house Splunk Answers along with other expanded community programs, forums and discussions, new content capabilities, gamification, and much more.

As part of that launch, Splunk Answers is being migrated to the new platform as a category within the new site with an extreme makeover. You’ll see most of the existing Answers content, but in a new user experience, with questions and answers categorized, and spaces for every product in our portfolio. During the migration window, the current site will be read-only, so all existing content will be searchable, but users will not be able to create new posts.

Additionally, because the new platform will serve as far more than a technical / product Q&A resource, the domain will be changing from to

When is Answers migration happening, and when is the new platform launching?
June 4, 5:00pm PDT – June 9, 9:00am PDT: will be read-only to migrate and validate all existing Answers content to the Khoros platform
June 9, 9:00am PDT: Launch of new site

Why launch a new enterprise community platform?
To put it simply, we’ve far exceeded the limitations of our current community technologies, and this launch will help our growing user community collaborate with one another and share knowledge. This launch brings capabilities that will help us exponentially grow the support, education, and connection (and fun!) our community engagement programs provide. We want our existing programs, like Splunk Answers, to be even better, and we want to bring our community new programs and capabilities, like forums, discussions, community content syndication, and more.

Splunk Answers, as one example, gets close to 2 million pageviews every month, helping users deploy, manage, and use Splunk products. It is our most highly used community resource around the world with over 12,000 monthly active users!

Why migrate Splunk Answers? What was so wrong with the old platform?
With all of that activity comes a lot of feedback, and we’ve heard it all throughout the 10+ years we’ve been on the current platform. Here are some of the reports we’ve received from many of you:

  • Random 500 Internal Server Errors
  • Slow page load times
  • Users intermittently dropped from groups, losing roles and permissions
  • Email notification bugs where users either do not receive expected messages, or too many with limited ability to control
  • Built-in search not producing expected results nor providing proper filtering
  • No way to categorize or classify content and answers other than tags, increasing difficulty as content scales
  • Limited localization capabilities
  • Extensive platform version upgrade process
  • And the list goes on

We’ve been listening for years, so this migration has been a long time coming.

What should we expect from the new Khoros platform?
We will have new features and functionality that will help users find solutions, build relationships with fellow community members, and gain more beyond product knowledge. Some new capabilities include:

  • New discussion styles (forums for non-product discussions and blogs)
  • Established categories for various topics within Splunk Answers
  • Ability to create community Display Name, separate from username
  • In-platform private messaging
  • Ranks and badges gamification with change to karma system
  • Private spaces/groups
  • Contests capabilities
  • Splunk branded community experience
  • Scalable platform
  • Integration with Bevy (Splunk user groups platform - WIP, post launch)
  • Dedicated Splunk user group forums
  • Integration with Splunkbase (post launch)

What is and is not being migrated from the current Splunk Answers platform to Khoros?
We’re bringing A LOT with us to the new platform, including the existing 100K+ threads of Answers content today. Here’s what’s coming with us:
- 105K+ questions
- 140K+ answers
- Gosh, who even knows how many comments...
- All existing users
- User profile bio content (text only)
- Accepted answers
- Embedded images
- Thread attachments
- Upvotes (not karma points total)

Aaaaand some things WON’T be making the journey with us:
- Existing subscriptions (questions, tags, users, favorited content)
- Badges (there will be a new badge system)
- User/developer associations with Splunkbase apps/add-ons
- Note: While the existing subscriptions, badges, and app associations won’t make the journey, these capabilities will be on the new platform to leverage going forward.

What is changing with reputation and karma points system?
The main reputation elements of the new platform will be based around ranks and badges.

  • There is an established rank ladder with over 15 ranks (currently) that users will be able to level up to. These ranks are based on formulas that take into account a wide range of activity and participation throughout the site, not just on a points system. This will promote more quality engagement over quantity to nurture a healthier user community.

  • Badges are another reputation element that will serve as constant visualization of achievements that users can earn for various actions on the site. The more you engage, the more badges you’ll automatically receive.

Don’t worry though… “karma” isn’t going away! … but it is changing just a bit...

On the old platform, Karma is the reputation points system that our user community has been familiar with for 10+ years now. On the current platform, users can earn (and lose) different amounts of karma points for various actions. While helpful for being a gauge of users’ level of knowledge and contributions to the community, it was a system that could easily be gamed if not constantly monitored by community moderators.

On the new Khoros platform, there will still be karma points, but these will only be tied to upvote activity: 1 upvote = 1 karma. All upvotes from the old Splunk Answers will be migrated to the new Khoros platform and will be translated to the new karma points system for each user. Downvoting will no longer exist as it has done more harm than good, causing negative interactions among community members.

What do I need to do now?
Here are ways for you to get prepared for the Answers migration and new community platform launch:

  • Visit your user profile and review your favorited content. Since this will not be part of the data migrated to the new site, please make sure to bookmark any threads you’ve found valuable for Splunk learning that you don’t want to lose. All old links will redirect to new URLs on the new site.

  • Share this thread with colleagues you know use Splunk Answers regularly. We want to make sure everyone who relies on the community as a resource for all things Splunk to be aware of the upcoming launch and changes.

  • Please read through our Splunk Community Guidelines. Our culture and how our members experience interactions in any of our spaces is what makes this community unique, and that starts with each and every one of us.

Where can I learn more about Khoros?
We get it. Sometimes it’s just fun to learn more about the underlying technology! You can learn more about Khoros by visiting their website, or check out some of their existing customers that use their platform for their respective communities like Samsung, HP, Visa, Microsoft, or Sephora.

Who should I contact if I have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ?
If you have any urgent questions regarding this migration, please send an email to Our team is going to be pretty focused on the work required for the migration and launch, but we’ll do our best to respond to urgent requests.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to connecting with you all on the new platform!

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