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whats wrong on my SNMP Modular Input ?

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I have build with a lot of work a (mib).py and placed it in .../mibs

browsing a "random"/filled entry/point of MIB Ill get followingLog-Entry:
NETAPP-MIB::productVersion."" = "No Such Instance currently exists at this OID"

OID is copy+pasted from an Mib-Browser, wich shows me correct values if im polling the system.
How can i assure that the Modular Input really connects ?

My has following header-info:

PySNMP SMI module. Autogenerated from smidump -f python NETAPP-MIB

by libsmi2pysnmp-0.1.3 at Wed Sep 25 15:29:08 2013,

Python version sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=3, releaselevel='final', serial=0)

MIB Object in is:
if mibBuilder.loadTexts: productVersion.setDescription("Version String for the Software Running on\nthis platform.")
productId = MibScalar((1, 3, 6, 1, 4, 1, 789, 1, 1, 3), DisplayString()).setMaxAccess("readonly")

OID machtes to Modular input:

i dont find anything wrong 😞
Thx 4 Help (i hope so)

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exmaple dous not work !

communitystring = public
destination = ns4033a
do_bulk_get = 0
host = ns4033a
index = hec_dev
ipv6 = 0
listen_traps = 0
mib_names = netapp
object_names =
port = 161
snmp_version = 2C
snmpinterval = 10
sourcetype = snmp_ta
split_bulk_output = 0
disabled = 1

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You have a custom NETAPP MIB that you have converted to a python module called

You have placed this in the snmp_ta/bin/mibs directory

Have you also specified to use this MIB in your SNMP Input stanza definition ?

Example :

alt text

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Yes i did, but at least as the only entry in this point.

right now im looking for my complete stanza to post, but ill cant find it ?? whats that, nothing under user/loc or system/loc.

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missed some information i think:
port: 161
snmp: 2c
community: public

tryed also snmp 1, no string, ......
no changes exept loosing also the "no oid-string" 🙂

greeets, mic

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