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splunk for sourcefire vs splunk for estreamer


I am setting up Splunk for Sourcefire and I came across Splunk for Estreamer. Do they work in conjunction? Or are these separate apps? I can configure the eStreamer but the configuration documentation for Splunk for Sourcefire is sparse.

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Hi, scc00.

Splunk for eStreamer is the replacement for the Splunk for Sourcefire app. Unlike the Splunk for Sourcefire app, Splunk for eStreamer is designed specifically for Splunk 6.x and Sourcefire 5.2 and later. Splunk for Sourcefire was an app written by the Splunk team years ago, has essentially stopped being developed, and never really worked as well as the Sourcefire team wanted to see from an integration. With Splunk for eStreamer, the integration has become much less of a struggle. The new app features a setup screen that helps with the ease of configuration and supports all of the latest features of the most recent versions of both Splunk and the Sourcefire product lines.

I would highly recommend looking at the Splunk for eStreamer app as the go-to solution moving forward. Feedback for the app is always welcomed and appreciated.


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