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sometimes, I am getting an error "Failed to load source for Donut Chart visualization."

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I'm created HTML dashboard and expressioned the data by using pure Javascript.
but, sometimes i received error message like this :
[Failed to load source for Donut Chart visualization.]

so, i try delete cache, restart splunk or splunkweb, refresh browser, debug/refresh ....
if i do the above, it will be processed normally or sometimes still occure.

that problem is occure Irregularly. so i can't solved.
this is my Environment :
- splunk version : 6.6.4
- donut chart version : 1.0.2

Additionally i edited source code.
because, javascript occure console error like this :
[ "name" property is undefined ]
so, i modified the source on approximately 150 lines.(visualization.js)

I want to know if there is a bug or something that needs to be fixed.
thank you

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