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$selection.earliest$ time formatting


I am using a 'zoom' feature within the simplified XML, and I have it working. I am simply attempting to reformat the
$selection.earliest$ and $selection.latest$ to human readable time instead of EPOCH time in order to stick it in the title of the XML panel.

Can that be done, or maybe there is another field(s) I can use to display human readable time?

Thank you!

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@dolivasoh, @pamcarvalho, Use the <eval> tag to convert $start$ and $end$ selection times to String time using strftime() function:

            <eval token="selEarlStr">strftime($start$,"%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S %p")</eval>
            <eval token="selLatStr">strftime($end$,"%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S %p")</eval>

Then use the $selEarlStr$ and $selLatStr$ tokens to display selected time in String format.

        <code>New Selected Time Range (String): $selEarlStr$ - $selLatStr$</code>
| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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You can use convert() to achieve this.


convert timeformat=string...
Required arguments

Syntax: auto() | ctime() | dur2sec() | memk() | mktime() | mstime() | none() | num() | rmcomma() | rmunit() 
Description: Functions for convert. 

Syntax: ctime()
Description: Convert an epoch time to an ascii human readable time. Use the timeformat option to specify exact format to convert to.

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This would need to be done in a dashboard panel 'title' screen. I'm not running a search there unfortunately.

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Any solution for this?

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Path Finder

l know it has been 2 years, but does anyone know how to do that? I am using drilldown to get data value, but when I put the value as the title, it is in Epoch, and I need it to be in human format in the table.. Can anyone help me with that?

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