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"The icon found in the package is not a valid png file" error on publish to splunkbase

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I'm trying to publish an app to splunkbase.

This is the error message I get: "The icon found in the package is not a valid png file"

The app contains 4 icon files in the static folder in .png format (these are the files)

Does someone know how to solve this issue? AFAIK, those are the only needed icon files (I have a published app from a year ago which has a similar structure).



I think it's because these are 32-bit PNG files. I downloaded them and looked at them and they do seem to have a bit depth of 32.

Try saving them as 24-bit or better yet 8-bit png's. There won't be any loss since the images are pretty simple.

I think it's quite possible that the code that is checking the file formats was just written before 32 bit pngs were a thing!

I hope that helps.

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