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odts application is not working properly


Currently I am using ODTS Application to generate the report in .odt format, Now I have made my own template ( test.odt ) shown below in tabular format

series group

event['LOCATION'] event['GINTI']

and now I am giving my query as

index="abhay" | stats count as GINTI by LOCATION | docgen -t -tfile=test.odt

I am not getting the value of GINTI and LOCATION in the Report, I want to get the value of GINTI and LOCATION field to be populated in my report

Please help to do this...Kindly help

Thanks in advance !!

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Helli abhayneilam,
it seems you do all things properly, but I need more details:
1) what did you get in results_.odt?
2) did you write event['LOCATION'], event['GINTI'] in track changes mode?
3) did you use openoffice/libreoffice?
4) could you upload you report somewhere for me to check?

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abhayneilam, as happens in other questions you've been asked for more detail and you've ignored it. Try answering the developers questions if you really want help... they can't do your work for you but they are trying to help figure out why it doesn't work..


Hello Sir,

I have a very simple question to ask..I hope you will understand my question, Request you to see the below lines for better understanding :

  1. I have to prepare a document in .doc format
  2. I have an excel sheet from where I get some data and put it in .doc document manually
  3. This takes lot of time to do it manually
  4. That is the reason why I want to make the same .doc document with the help of ODTS application
  5. For Example : I fetch "Name" and "Age" Field from an Excel and write in the .doc document as :

Employee Name is : Erik
Maiden Age is : 400

Pleae help sir


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