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loadjob or saved search to use time selector

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Is there a way to get loadjob or saved search to be overridden with a time token to where it would be inline if submitted from dashboard instead of the dashboard using historical data? Or even have 2 separate dashboards that use the same scheduled searches.
1 view for scheduled search w/ historical(quick/effecient monitoring)
1 view for inline time-selector (for back-reference and research)

I was hoping this would work:

    <search id="basesearch10">

It does work if i disable "used scheduled search".

sideview can already do what i want but i can't use sideview.

in sideview it would look like this:

dashboard with time selector

<param name="savedSearch">testsearch</param>
<param name="useHistory">false</param>


dashboard without time selector

<param name="savedSearch">testsearch</param>
<param name="useHistory">true</param>


How would i do this with simple XML?

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