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how can we add new fields to proxy logs

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Currently i'm using SplunkAppForBlueCoatProxySG app which is working as expected. My user wanted to add few more additional fields for proxy logs. We tested by adding only one new field at the END and its failing to extract existing fields in splunk. Anyone have any suggestions how to add new fields for proxy logs.

Thanks in advance.


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the problem is that SplunkAppForBlueCoatProxySG works using summary indexes (because usually there are too many events to directly display in dashboards and dashboards are too slow).
This means that you cannot limit to extract the new field but you have to do some other jobs:

  • extract the new field as usual from the logs (e.g. using regex);
  • modify the scheduled search that updates summary index adding the new field;
  • modify all searches in dashboards panels.


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If you are ingesting the bluecoat logs over syslog, you will need to customize the REPORT field extractions defined in props/transforms of the TA. Those use a regex that covers the entire event and map all bits and pieces of it to specific fields. If you add a field, the regex no longer matches, hence (as you discovered) the extractions break.

Customizing this can be done by creating a copy (in local/props.conf and local/transforms.conf) of the existing config, give it a new name (e.g. auto_kv_for_bluecoat_CONSORP) and then edit the REGEX and FORMAT to extend it with the additional field(s).

If you're ingesting the logs as W3C (ELLF) formatted files, you'd have to disable the INDEXED_EXTRACTIONS = w3c and write your own field extraction config for it.

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