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Wrong assignment for field 'action' in ePO sourcetype?


Hi Team ,

in Splunk Add-on for McAfee you have query option in inputs (template\example) configuration : [EPOEvents].[ThreatActionTaken] as [vendor_action].
Then we have 2 neighbours in props.conf:
FIELDALIAS-vendor_action_for_mcafee_epo=action AS vendor_action
LOOKUP-action_for_mcafee_epo=epo_action_lookup vendor_action OUTPUT action

According to sequence of operations, value of vendor_action obtains the value of action, which is obviously NULL. As a result both action and vendor_action returns NULL.

Could you, please correct this or correct me, if I'm wrong 🙂

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here is the props.conf statement I used to cobble together a decent "action" field:

| eval action=replace((replace((replace((case(
'ProductFamily'=="UDLP" OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"on-") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"dll") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"oss") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"svm") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"^scan") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"policy") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"service") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"deferred") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"update") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"mcafee security") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"protection \w+abled") OR
(match(lower('event_description'),"move") AND 'threat_handled'=="0"),lower('event_description'),

match(lower('event_description'),"pending") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"unable to") OR
match(lower('event_description'),"not blocked") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"would delete") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"delete on reboot") OR 
(match(lower('event_description'),"handled") AND 'threat_handled'=="0") OR 
(match(lower('event_description'),"spam") AND match(lower('vendor_action'),"clean")) OR 
(match(lower('event_description'),"failed") AND NOT match(lower('event_description'),"deleted")) OR 
(match(lower('event_description'),"browser") AND NOT match(lower('ThreatName'),"web control violation")),"allowed",

match(lower('event_description'),"spam") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"denied") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"blocked") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"handled") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"deleted") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"cleaned") OR 
match(lower('event_description'),"browser") OR
match(lower('event_description'),"quarantine") OR 
(match(lower('event_description'),"detected") AND 'threat_handled'=="1"),"blocked",

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well, this was the GUI based statement i was building off of...tweak the pre-pended syntax to make it a props.conf config:

EVAL-action = ...

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Hi Mary,

thank you, that's a great example.
What I'm trying to say - with described add-on configuration you should not get any value for fields vendor_action and action on Search head, even if you have vendor_action in events.
I see you use condition AND match(lower('vendor_action') - does your 'vendor_action' field fulfilled with values?

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SplunkTrust does, unfortunately at this current job I no longer have access to the config files...I believe our admins at least start with stock TA/app deployments and customize to hell 😛

but I would say, if you have a stock TA/app and its weird, you could comment out the problem statements in the stock version then just make a quick custom app with only the things you need in it

for example you could make an app directory custom_$tech$, custom_mcafee_epo, and then drop local and metadata directories in and just the *.conf files you need in each plus the local.meta file

I could have sworn I had a post about making an IR app that gives you a nice little app shell...cant find it now sorry!

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