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Windows NPS Logfile not monitored

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i want to log my windows nps (network protection server or radius) to splunk. I found this thread.

But my data is not forwarded to my splunk server. I installed the universal forwarder on the radius server and deployed the default windows app. My windows eventlogs are forwarded from the radius to the splunk server. But not das Radius Log file.

I created an app with inputs.conf and pros.conf like in the thread above.

The inputs.conf file


sourcetype = ias
index = radius
disabled = 0



How can i find out, why the data is not forwarded ?

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i found my mistake. I wrote in my inputs.log the sourcetype=ias. But i have not deployed the app with the same inputs.conf to my search head. so splunk cannot show the entries. Strange... but ok.

After copying the app to my searchhead/indexer i see the log entrys.

Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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